Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lab B

(To the whole class)
All right class my name is Mr. Tompkins I’m going to be your sub for phys Ed.
My signal for attention today is going to be my voice so when ever you hear it I need you to stop look and listen.
What I want everybody to do right now is get a jump rope, get in your own space spread out so you don’t hit anybody, and just warm up for about a minute and just get the feeling for a jump rope. 
Practice what ever you want right now.
Make sure you spread out
Guys spread out!
(To the whole class)
Alright guys everybody bring it back in
Lets go hustle up.
Alright class what we are going to learn today is something called the wingding.
Everybody remembers what we learned earlier today with the side straddle. Your standing there and its open closed open closed open closed
We are going to do something very similar to that except now its going to just one foot going out instead of two
So your going to be there you’re jumping rope your jumping rope
And then as your, it goes right then left then right then left right.
So if everybody can spread out and practice that right now
No rope everybody put the rope right next to them on the ground
Alright any questions?
Everybody practice that ready
Right left right left right left right left
Ok good everybody understands?
Doesn’t seem too hard
Alright so I'm going to demonstrate for you so you guys can kinda get a feeling for it
Alright again it’s going to be right oops
Lets try again right left right left right left
What you want to do you want to really focus on staying jumping on just that one foot so the foot that is going out is not really stabilizing you that much its just touching the floor and coming back, touching the ground and coming back
So you’re really focusing on jumping on one foot
Alright so everybody pick up their ropes and let’s see what you got
Remember the cues right left right left
Remember your just jumping on that one-foot the other is going out and touching
Alright guys listen up stay in your jump then just put the right foot out and jump again then get your self ready then put the left foot out and jump again
And as you get better just go everyone
Slow it down if your having trouble            
Alright go ahead
Alright guys everybody bring it in
Lets go bring it up over here
Who can tell me what we learned today
The wingding
Alright who can tell me some of the cues for the wingding?
Right left right left
Not only is jump rope good cardio it gets you going it gets your heart rate going it’s a good work out
It also helps some of you guys out with your dance moves helps you be light on your feet
So when you’re out there at a party you can impress some of the ladies
Alright guys everybody good job today bring it up
We are going to break it down wingding on three

            I feel that I am getting more comfortable with teaching a lesson with the more opportunities I get to do it. There are still some things I feel I need to improve on. one of them being is taking my time with the lesson. This means talking and explaining things slower and also give the students a little more time to preform the task. Another thing i want to try to improve on is being more interactive with the class and give more feedback. I like where I am going with my teaching and am looking forward for more opportunities to improve.

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