Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lab A 2

I found that the second time around teaching the same lesson and actually having time to prepare was a lot less nerve racking. With that said there were still a couple of things that I forgot to say and do in the lesson. I forgot to add a safety statement, I forgot to tell the class what the signal for attention was, and I forgot to actually demonstrate the game for the students. All of the things i forgot to add this time teaching i will make a point to add it in my next lesson. There were a couple of things that i feel that i did well. I feel that i projected my voice better this time around. I also feel that i interacted with the class more as opposed to me just standing in the front of the class and telling then students what we are going to do today. I am looking forward to starting Lab B so I can get another chance to improve on my teaching skills!!
(To the whole class)
My name is Mr. Tompkins I am going to be your sub today for Phys Ed because your regular teacher can’t be here today.
Today I was walking into cl uh school today
Everybody has cell phones and texts right?
I was walking into cl uh school today and I had my head down and I walked right into the door because I was texting and walking at the same time I have a huge headache right now.
So today what we are going to learn in class is the basic skills of dribbling.
What I want you guys to focus on is keeping your eyes up and always be aware of where the defenders are keeping your eyes up and not looking down at the ball when your dribbling
So if everybody could just spread out and get in a good athletic stance
Everybody has their basketballs with them now
I want everybody to practice dribbling with the ball out in front of you keeping the ball on your fingertips not slapping the ball with the pal of your hand keeping your knees bent always keeping your eyes up ad paying attention to where you are
So go ahead everybody stand there and practice dribbling
Nice job see if we can switch hands with it
In your weak hand
Back over to your right hand
One more time
Aleright nice job
What we are going to do today we are going to play a game called sharks and minnows 
Im going to split you guys up into half, half the class is going to stay down here and the other half is going to go on the other um side of the gym
And we are going to have about uh five or six people with uh basketballs on one side and about five or six people in the middle that are going to be the sharks and the fish with the basketballs are going to have to get to one side to the other with out losing the basketball
So if everyone from here over stay down here and here over go down there
Lets go hustle up
1,2,3,4,5 1,2,3,4,5 with basketballs down here
And you 4 are going to be the sharks in the middle
The people in the middle are going to have to seal the ball from the people here
The people over here are going to have to get from this side to that side with the balls safely
Everybody ready?
Everybody understand?
Alright ready 1,2,3, swim fish swim
Keep those eyes up
Everybody make it across safely?
Alright let’s go lets bring it back ready 123 swim fish swim
Alright lets switch it up if you were a shark you are going to be a fish now and if you were a fish you are going to be a shark now
Lets go lets hustle up
Alright everybody ready 123 swim fish swim
Alright lets bring it back one more time keep those eyes up
Alright class night job lets go bring it in
Alright again today we focused on the basic cues of dribbling
(One student)
Can you tell me one thing about dribbling?
(One student)
Another thing
(One student)
One more
Good job
(To the whole class)
Good job today class everybody bring it up uh basket ball on three 123 BASKETBALL!!

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