Tuesday, August 30, 2011

creating a blog, summer, first class.

Creating this blog was an interesting process this is the first time i have ever done anything like this for a class. I believe that this is a great way to get students more involved in class when away from class. It can get students thinking about school when her or she is out of school, another positive is that the student does not have as many guidelines opposed as far as what he or she can write down there is really no right or wrong answer as opposed to a homework assignment. This summer i had the opportunity to run a youth lacrosse camp for children ranging from ages 8-11, there were 10 kids that attended the camp it was just a beginners lacrosse camp so the kids did not have any equipment to wear. My goal going into the camp was to help improve basic skills of lacrosse and get the kids to have as much fun as possible while they were at camp because. Due to the lack of experience and the lack of equipment i was very limited as to what i was able to do with the kids. So I came up with different games that incorporated the basic skills of lacrosse with out any contact while still allowing the kids to compete and have fun. I feel that over the week long camp the kids showed improvement with the basic skills of lacrosse and also enjoyed coming to camp every day. I feel that the excursive that we did in the first day of class was very interesting and will be very helpful. Teaching the short 4 minute lesson with out prior knowledge or preparation can really being out the strengths and or weaknesses of a teacher. Having it video taped can serve as a strong teaching tool to show what needs to be worked on and critiqued and can also show strong points for the teacher candidate.

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